Batsi Town Harbour on Andros Island, Greece.

Strapouries to Batsi on Andros Greece.

A fairly rugged and worn moni-path near Strapouries, Andros Greece. Olive Groves within small walled terraces on Andros Greece.

This walk which starts within the Andros hills at Strapouries Village takes you along a walled moni-path then gradually descends to Aga Marina Beach and then on into Batsi Town.

This 15km walk from Strapouries follows a marked route red 9 and generally is well marked throughout. The walk is not too difficult as far as climbs are concerned and follows a very old wide moni-path which was originally made to give access across the island.
The start of the Walk. On the road from Menites as you get into Strapouries look out for a small dirt parking area on the left - the start of this walk has a red 9 indicator and leaves on steps from here. [N37°49'59" E024°54'16"] (If you get to a tarmac road leading to the church or you get to the taverna on the left you have gone too far through the village. Also do not take route number 10 which also starts from around there).
Walk up the steps and follow the path round and between a couple of houses - then it goes up to shortly reach a path junction. Take the left hand path (marked with a 9) which seems as if it is just going to return you back down to the road.
High stone walls lining the path outside of Strapouries on Andros Island. Split level stone walls alongside a nice Andros path - Greece. Shaded nicely walled moni-path to walk along near Strapouries on Andros Greece. water pipes and a stone paved path on Andros.
This now becomes a matter of staying on this lovely stone walled path as it tries to stay as level as possible (i.e. without too many climbs and descents which is somewhat unusual on Andros) to go round the hills, going by several streams, and eventually passes slightly above Menites. The flowers and general foliage is really good here especially if walking during the Spring. The lizards scatter as you walk along as does the occasional snake - the wet areas have small birds, butterflies, dragon flies and bees etc and flying above often as not are buzzards and small hunting birds. Quite often there are a variety of hose pipes accompanying the paths - this is where the farmers trap the water higher up and transfer it down the hills. The first picture below shows a rudimentary mini-dam doing just that at a small stream.
Stream being intercepted to pipe the water down the valley - Andros Greece. Beautiful view and heavy rocks - heading to Pitrofos village on Andros. A level path taking you into Pitrofos Village, Andros Greece. Pitrofos Village springsi (Andros Greece)
As you get near Pitrofos the moni-path comes to a track - the route continues by crossing the track going slightly to the left and picking up the path which takes you down into the springs in the village. Continue along the road and just past the museum take the steps by the side of it and this takes you back onto the moni-path.
A scruffy brocken fence lining the path on Andros Island. Quite rough walking conditions near Pitrofos on Andros Greece. Somewhat obscure path across rocky ground on Andros Greece.The path now continues along the side of the hill undulating past several springs and lovely foliage then goes up to reach a track junction with aerials visible a little way off to the left. Turn right here and after a few metres look out for a not too obvious track on the left going out over more open ground, this can be quite hard to spot - there is a 9 marker but it is on a rock only visible from the other direction.
(If you reach a levada crossing the track then you have gone too far). The track leaves the open ground after a while and changes back into a walled moni path - on reaching a dirt road turn right and then after a few metres look for a sign on the rocks on the right hand side which points you up. There are tiny springs nearby so if you get to the really lush spring by the bend of the track you have gone too far. Clamber up the rock to the moni path just a few yards above you - you can clearly see the walls of the moni path as it goes on round the hills and this can seem a possible problem for vertigo sufferers but don't worry, the moni path is wide and high walled and should create no problems.
The coast near to Aga Marina beach on Andros Island. Follow the path as it takes you through the springs and waterfalls - you will see Paleopol far below you and should spot a quite large waterfall high above you - the path now hugs the side of the hills crossing springs and streams full of lovely flowers and shrubs as it heads towards Ano Aprovatou. On reaching a concrete road (this is the end of the number 9 markings) go left to walk down onto the tarmac road - here turn right and follow this road as it zig zags down to the main road near Ipsilli. Cross the road and take the steps down on the right to a track below the road and turn left. Stay on this track as it goes round the right-hand side of the hill ignoring any joining tracks until you come to a pink house on the left. Take the steps by the side of this house down to Aga Marina beach, cross the beach and then take the steps back onto the road - stay on this road to arrive back in Batsi or of course you can first divert to Delavoyas beach for a refreshing naturist type swim and sunbathe (see the Circular Walks at Batsi item below).
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