Visiting The Byzantine Wine Press on Symi.

Going for a car trip to the south of the Island then a shortish walk to look at the Byzantine Wine Presses on Symi Greece.

The area where the Byzantine wine presses are located is towards the bottom of the island so you almost certainly need to use a car to do this since there is no public transport. Head out on the main tarmac road towards Panormitis, pass the signs for Vigla and then Kokkimidis and park where you come to a really open area with a track on the right signposted to Ag. Nicholaos.
Having parked, walk along the main road still towards Panormitis, pass a track on the left which heads (and is signposted) to Nanou beach, then on the right take the ancient moni-path which starts by the monastery of Panagia Strateri and follow this for a short distance to then rejoin the main road. Turn right and then almost immediately left on a dirt track which dives off into a wooded area - the track comes out in an open area and now head for the small church in front of you.
Byzantine winepress walk on Symi - Panagia Strateri. Walking uphill to see the Byzantine winepress on Symi Rubbly track on the way to see the Byzantine winepress - Symi Small church near the Byzantine winepress - Symi Greece.
Having looked at the church head down right towards a fence and a large circular water container with some very green horrible looking water inside. Carry on along the path with the fence on your right and at the corner turn right and make your way through the woods and eventually turning right again to pick up the far side of the field (you are in fact going 3/4 way round the field from the church).
Beautiful countryside near the Byzantine wine press - Symi Island Greece. On the way to the Byzantine winepress on Symi Island. Byzantine winepress walk on Symi. Yukky green water in a container on Symi Greece.
Keep going on through the wooded area with the fence still on your right until you reach a dirt track by a gate - don't go through the gate but climb up sharply right on a small path to reach another dirt track. Turn left and follow this a short distance until you reach a junction - go left here - this is now marked Byzantine Wine Presses. Follow this really lovely path through the woods until you reach another sign - from here the presses and bowls are up on the right of the hill so just wander around to find them.
Byzantine winepress walk on Symi Beautiful rocky walking path near the Byzantine winepress on Symi Greece. Through woods to see the Byzantine wine press - Symi Byzantine winepress walk on Symi
Byzantine winepress walk on Symi Byzantine winepress glaring in the sunglight on Symi Byzantine wine press - Symi Greece. Symi Greece and it's Byzantine wine press.
You can continue along the path to visit another tiny church - we don't know it's name sadly. Return back along the path and this time stay on it to reach the main road by the monastery Sotiros Megalos Neras (which unusually was locked when we visited).
Turn right along the main road and head back towards where you parked - passing the monastery of Aghia Marina Neras on the way.
Photo of the Byzantine winepress  on Symi Island in Greece. Walking back through lovely woodland after seeing the Byzantine winepress - Symi. Church name unknown near the Byzantine winepress on Symi Island. Nice little church close to the Byzantine winepress - Symi.

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