Symi Greece Beach Guides and Photos.

Information and Pictures showing some of the lovely beaches available to use whilst on the Greek Island of Symi - sometimes a bit of a walk is involved to reach them.!

We were not too bothered about beaches whilst on holiday on Symi but did like to finish off a 10 or 15 mile walk at a beach in the late afternoon - preferably where we could strip off and go for a nice swim and sunbathe. Our most favourite Symi beach was Vasilios Beach - this Simi Beach is usually ok for naturists, no beach chairs, few if any people, no tavernas but just a great scenic wild looking beach. It's worth noting that there is not even a track to Vasilios beach so getting there involves a fairly long Symi walk - sometimes the path wanders along half way up the side of a valley and is quite narrow in places.Then actually getting onto this Symi beach involves scrambling down the side of a cliff for a few metres which is a little difficult .. and of course you do eventually have the same longish but very enjoyable walk back to look forward too.
We have made comments on some of these Symi beaches as to how we found them i.e. their cleanliness, what the sea was like and if they were possibly suitable for or used by naturists - but of course things do change even over a season. Please note that beaches that we found to be ok for natursts on one day may not be on another - often on the small and/or more isolated beaches on Greece's Islands the first people on the beach set the standard of dress for that day.
However it is usually fine and acceptable for women and men to go topless on most of the beaches on Symi (but NOT for sure on Panormitis Beach because of the fully in-use Monastery which is situated right alongside it).

Photos and a few brief notes to some of Beaches on Symi Island Greece.

The beaches are mostly small pebble on the shoreline but quite often there are quite large pebbles to be found as you go into the water - therefore having jellies or similar on your feet is a distinct advantage - also of course the pebbles get pretty hot to walk on as you go in and out of the water. The sea is lovely and clear and the colours are brilliant - snorkeling is therefore excellent - and there are loads of colourful fish to spot and watch too. The most used beaches are on the east coast and are serviced by water taxis. More remote beaches often have to be reached by foot and are of course really busy - not... therefore ideal for naturists - for example our real favourite for globally warming ourselves was at Ag. Vasilios.

Aghia Marina beach, Symi - Greece. Aghia Marina
- served by taxi-boats and can be walked (Chorio-Pedi-Aghia Marina-Chorio Circular). This is a popular beach with sun beds placed on a concrete surface and there is also a taverna there. Once in the water you are on a sandy bottom.
Good for snorkeling with really clear sea water. The area is overlooked by the monastery so certainly not even remotely naturist.
Pedi Beach, Symi - Greece. Pedi beach  - Symi, Greece. Symi Greece - Pedi Beach Pedi Beach
- quite narrow small shingle - several tavernas. You can easily walk to Pedi or just go there on Symi Bus. Please see our Chorio - Pedi - Chorio Symi Walk

Ag. Nikolaos Beach - Symi Island, Greece. Ag. Nikolaos - there are beach chairs, a taverna, lots of goats on this shingle beach and it's certainly not naturist - even women being topless seemed a bit of a no-no.
You can walk to Ag Nikolaos via Pedi and it is also well served by taxi-boats. Shaded by trees, at the end of the beach by the church the water is quite shallow and easy to get into for youngsters.

Distant view Ag Georgios beach looking very hot - Symi Greece.
Ag. Georgios Disalona
This beach can only be accessed by taxi-boat and there are no tavernas or beach chairs.
This enclosed beach gets seriously hot with no shade at all until the middle of the afternoon.

Nanou beachand goats -  Symi - Greece.Symi Greece and the popluar Nanou beach. Nanou - this is a shingle beach and there is a  taverna there so you can hire beach chairs. More goats are hanging around and Nanou Beach can be accessed by either of a long walk or taxi-boat. There are also trees to hide under. The couple of times we went to Nanou it was ok for topless but no nudity.

Marathounda Bay sandy Beach - Symi, Greece.Marathounda beach, Symi - Greece. Marathounda Beach
- this is a shingle beach; there is a taverna - beach chairs - lots more goats - accessed by either of a long walk or car/ taxi. One taxi-boat goes to this beach leaving (during our holiday period) at 11:15 and coming back at 16:00.
Topless seemed ok but certainly not naturist.

Panormitis Monastery, Symi - Greece. The Beach at Panormitis - Symi Island in Greece. Panormitis Beach - this is just a fairly narrow shingle section of beach situated along the front of the monastery - and the monastery is busy with ferrys and day trippers walking by etc.. Therefore the beach is not really comfortable / particularly nice to be on. A little further along there is another shingle beach.
Absolutely minimum exposure of skin acceptable round here both beaches. Reachable by road or of course you can go on the ferry.

Lapathos Ag. Vasilios Beach - our favourite beach. The beach is mostly shingle but there are a few patches of sand. No boats* and no road, you have to walk across the island to get to this beach (Walks to Ag. Vasilios naturist beach on Symi Greece.).
ag Vasilios naturist beach on Symi Island in Greece. Usually deserted Ag Vasilios nudist beach, Symi, Greece. Approaching Vasiios beach, Greece. church near Vasilios beach on Simi, Greece.
The walk involves walking along halfway up the side of an ever deepening gorge on a narrow but OK path, then just before the beach you have to scramble down the (nearly vertical) rocky and scree side of the end of the gorge. The Beach is quite long and does get quite busy, for example one time we visited it there were SIX of us on it - so enjoying some naturist swimming and sunbathing on this beach is fine since you can always pick your own bit to be on away from others if necessary. * Sue and Dennis Orchard have advised that boats DO visit during the main holiday season - usually on a Wednesday.

Maroni Bay Beaches - access is via a longish but enjoyable walk (Vasilios Emilianos) - not aware of taxi-boats servicing the area but round-the-island boats do stop off at the monastery of Ag. Emilianos where there is a small shingle beach.
Ag Emilianos Beach, Symi - Greece. Maroni Bay Beach, Symi - Greece. Maroni Bay beach, Symi, Greece Symi - Maroni Beach
The beach right inside Skoumisa Bay is shingle and not particularly inviting being quite scruffy with rubbish and old fishing gear scattered around. The two Moroni Bay beaches are also shingle and considering that much better beaches are available on Symi both are not really worth staying on for too long.

Toli Beach, Symi - Greece.
Toli Beach
- there are not any taxi-boats going to this beach but you can get so far by road and then have to walk the remainder (Chorio circular walks). There are several heavily shingled beaches here none of which seemed that appealing - lots of weed and some sea-debris around and therefore understandably usually totally deserted.
View overlooking Emborio Bay and Beach on Symi, Greece.
- the beach is reachable by road and also served by taxi-boats. There are also several ways to walk there - please see our Symi walks to Emborio. A popular Symi beach with holidaymakers - it is a long shingle beach well populated with sunbeds and also has a taverna.

Nos Beach - official naturist beach?, Symi - Greece. Nos beach
allegedly once upon a time a local (naturist) police chief wanted to make this the official naturist beach and also apparently renamed it to Paradise beach or something. It is a series of sunbeds adjoining a taverna and situated with a road just above so perhaps not ideal for naturists - certainly never did notice anyone stripped off when we walked by it on several occasions. Easily reached since it is at the end of Yialos harbour on the Emborio coast road.
Symi Greece Beaches - Ladi Bay beach.
Ladi Bay Beaches
Enjoying some naturist sunbathing and so on is quite possible on this remote beach as it's unlikely anyone is around. The beach is situated a little way from Skoumisa Bay near to the headland. - you can walk to it though.

Symi Greece, Nanou beach Nanou beach, Symi Island in Greece.Nanou Beach.
This is really not a beach for naturists - more family sort of thing..
The beach has a large taverna and all the other stuff like sunbeds and so that goes with this type of beach. Also just for a change there are one or two beach goats too.
Skoumisa Bay on Symi, Greece.

Skoumisa Bay Beaches.
There are bits of beach all round the Bay here so very easy to find your very own.

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