Chorio to Ag. Vasilios Beach walk on Symi Greece.

If you like a quiet beach which has no sun beds or tavernas or anything at all and like naturist sunbathing and swimming then Lapathos is the beach to go to on Symi.

There are no water taxis to get you there, nor a road or even a track - this means that having reached the beach if you find you are sharing it with anyone else then it rates as being over-crowded.
monastery of Ag. Vasilios Symiclimb down to Vasilios Beach on Symi Vasilios beach SymiYou do need therefore to take plenty of drink and a picnic but certainly on the three times we walked to and used the beach we did not need our swimming gear on the beach - we just went nude..
The beach is clean but very hot although there is shade available back in the trees - the water is crystal clear and you do get waves which is nice - there are a couple of small sandy bits but most of it is pebble. The end of the walk down to the beach does require some scrambling as it is very steep and slippery since you have to go down a not too high cliff (see the photos on the left) but it is perfectly ok if you take it slow and easy.
The route. From the village square by the cafe go on up past the bars (the kiosk is on your right) and keep going - passing the grocers, the bakers and the old pharmacy.
When you come to a shop on the left (selling plastic items) take the steps on the right next to a supermarket (you cannot miss it since the supermarket has it's produced stacked up all over the place on these steps). Continue along the alley, passing a small boutique on the right, and shortly afterwards where the alley splits go right up the steps - now the way is marked with blue and red dots. Just follow these marks until you come to a more open area which has a lot of derelict buildings on the right, there are numerous red and blue markers on the walls around here but carry straight on until you reach a T-junction, turn left and then keep to the right of a supermarket.
Symi old housesSymialleys on Symi, GreeceView to Chorio on Symi in Greece
rocky path Symi steep climb out of Chorio Symi walled track Symi Turn right at the next alley and now follow the markers again until you reach an open area with a church slightly back to your left. Carry on in the same direction and then take the steps on the left - these will take you up to the donkey path. Soon go through a gate (remember to close it behind you) - you now start to get great views of the harbour, Pedi and the Akropolis. Just past the gate the path splits with another path going off to the left but ignore this and keep on straight ahead. This is quite a rocky path in places and has a couple of narrow bits but is fine to walk on - it eventually arrives at the small church of Ag Paraskevi - a good place for cooling down under its trees. From just after the church the path has been restored and is very easy to walk on - stay on it to eventually arrive at the road with the Mihail Perivliotis monastery opposite.
Mihail Perivliotis monastery Ksisos - Symi Turn left and as you get to the end of the monastery wall turn right onto a concrete road - this area is called Ksisos - there are lots of little churches and a small monastery - Ag. Nikolaos. Also on the left hand side look out for the threshing circle. We were very fortunate to meet with the couple who live by this monastery and we were given a grand tour of it - the sleeping areas, kitchen, living area etc. - really very interesting. Continue along the concrete road which soon after changes to a dirt surface - shortly before you come to a gate in front of you look out for and take a marked path on the left which goes off down and then round a fenced enclosure.
threshing circle Symi Ag. Nikolaos. Symi - Ag. Nikolaos Simi - Ag. Nikolaos
The path dips down and crosses a dry river bed and then climbs a little way up the hill on the other side - the path is not too wide and quite rough in places but is clearly visible. The path stays more or less level as it follows the hillside and the ravine towards the coast - only in one place did we find the path had collapsed and needed extra care for a few metres. The cliffs are really spectacular with occasional fir trees growing in the rocks and also Lapathos beach comes into view. The path goes on straight towards some high cliffs but then swings to the right and dips down quite steeply into a heavily forested gully - stay on the path and climb back out of the gully now going in between fir trees. Eventually you walk out of the trees into a open area which is covered with low shrubs and thorn bushes. The path here is rather vague in places but is marked with small cairns and occasional red and blue markers - your general direction is down towards the sea but sort of bearing half left all the time.
valley path Symi Vasilios beach comes into view - Symi near Vasilios church Symi
You eventually come out above the tiny monastery of Ag. Vasilios - there is a series of rock steps which go off on the right steeply down to this monastery. The path to Lapathos beach continues along now with very heavy rocks either side of you and becomes very narrow in places.
gorgeous scenic Vasilios naturist beach Symi Symi Greece Now for the really good part - trying to get down to the beach. This involves climbing down via very steep rocks although it is ok to do with foot and hand holds easily found - the more difficult part is about halfway down when the surface becomes scree and is quite slippery (and still quite steep). Just carefully make your way down to arrive on this lovely isolated beach. There is no alternative i.e. circular route back - you have to return to Ksisos along the original path and then back down the picturesque moni-path to the village square (no problem since a different walking direction means different views).
Vasilios - Symi Greece Symi Greece Symi Greece Symi Greece

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