Symi Island Greece and walks which might be of interest.

There are a surprising amount of walking opportunies on Symi Greece considering it is such a small island - with walks to isolated beaches or out in the hills to visit old monasteries all available.

Symi has some very nice paths to walk and also a few KMs of moni paths but some of the latter are in a very poor state - not least because Symi's numerous goats seem to take great pleasure in knocking down the walls. The centre and top of the island is quite well wooded and has some really pleasant paths to use whilst the area around Yialos is pretty barren.
As far as a map of Symi Greece is concerned there only appears to be one - called Symi Terrain Map No 341 - which can be found by visiting The Map Shop. The map we used to get our ideas for creating our walks was included with a "walks" book we purchased from Chilton. This large scale map is ok for showing the existence of paths and tracks but not so accurate on exactly where paths etc. start from and end up in some cases (says our GPS).
Most of the Symi walks which we have described start from up in the Old Town at Lefteris cafe in the village square and quite often involve climbing via the alleys and then the beautiful old donkey path up to the main road by the old monastery of Mihail Perivliotis which is high above the harbour
If you are staying in the harbour you might prefer to use a taxi up to the monastery especially if the weather is really hot rather than have to walk the Kali Strata to the village square. This is of course because to continue many of the walks you then have to climb again even higher and further up through the alleys and then the beautiful walled donkey path.
Without any doubt this climb is certainly worth doing at least once since the alleys and especially the donkey path are really excellent walking with great views to be had the higher you get.
Shaded path on Symi Greece. A typical rocky  path to walk along on Symi Greece. Part of the way to the Byzantine winepress, Symi - Greece. Out on Symi's hills - beautiful rocks and countryside. (Symi Greece).

Getting from the Village Square in Symi through the alleys to the start of the Donkey Path.

From the village square by the cafe go on up past the bars (the kiosk is on your right) and keep going - passing the grocers, the bakers and the old pharmacy. When you come to a shop on the left (a takeaway place selling rotisserie chicken) take the steps on the right next to a supermarket (you cannot miss it since the supermarket has it's produce stacked up all over the place on these steps). Continue along the alley, passing a small boutique on the right, and shortly afterwards where the alley splits go right up the steps - now the way is marked with blue and red dots.
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