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Thassos Greece Walks Tours and Photos.

Some ideas for what to do while staying on Thassos - from visiting villages to walks to beaches and going out in the Thassos hills.

Theologos, Thassos Island, Greece. The interior of Thassos has excellent scenery which is best viewed by walking the Island's extensive series of tracks. Many of these tracks are suitable for 4-wheel exploration too and of course fine for mountain bikes but not too good for standard cars as these tracks are often badly rutted and/or steep. There are in fact tracks all over the place which you can wander around whilst on holiday on Thassos - most of these are not marked as going to anywhere in particular and are certainly not shown on the limited maps available. However you soon get a feel for where you are especially when you get higher up since there are obvious landmarks (like the huge radar site on top of one mountain) which are visible from most locations in the area. The various town and small villages are well worth a day or so out sightseeing and exploring plus there are some very pretty churches on Thassos Island to be discovered too.

Visiting Megalos Prinos and Mikros Prinos on Thassos Greece plus a walk.

These are two villages on Thassos Island which nestle in the valley between two mountains and are reached by leaving the coastal road at Prinos (however beware of visiting on Mondays in Prinos as that is Market Day and total chaos). Both of these villages are well worth a look around and are in an excellent position for taking several walks into the mountains. We parked at Mikros Prinos quite near to the church and took the track which was clearly marked to Moni Ag Panteleimon and for some obscure reason assumed would only be a fairly short walk away. Fortunately we had plenty of drinks and a picnic with us as this walk is actually quite hard and hot with little shade available.
Honey collecting near Maries, Thassos Island, Greece. Megalos Prinos - Thassos Island, Greece. Mikros Prinos walk on Thassos Moni Panteleimoas, Thassos Island, Greece.
The walking distance to Monii Ag Panteleimon is just over five kilometres UP. When you get to the Moni it's likely to be closed, with just a couple of picnic tables by the front door and no shade to speak of, let alone any tap/well or even running water for a cool-down/splash. You can continue on from here and make a complete circular walk (see our next walk).
Mikros to Prinos, Thassos Island, Greece. This following Thassos walk again started off by parking at Mikros Prinos - note this walk is around 20 kilometres and has little shade, goes mostly UP for the first 8 kilometres or so, and unsurprisingly there are no tavernas or much of anything else except gorgeous views of Thassos's valleys and mountains. Follow the road from Mikros Prinos to Megalos Prinos - you pass an elevated taverna on your left and then a few hundred yards on a very steep road on your right goes into the village however the track for the walk goes straight on. Essentially just keep on this track as it winds its way up into the hills (do not take a track off to your right which just returns to Megalos Prinos).
Mikros to Prinos Thassos Walk Mikros to Prinos on Thassos Island Mikros to Prinos Thassos Walk. Thassos Walk - Mikros to Prinos.
Eventually you come to a junction with the left hand track going to the military radar station - this is apparently not available for public access - therefore continue straight on until you arrive at a clearing with several cross tracks and also a large water tank and picnic tables - the tank water is quite manky but there is a tap on a pipe which had crystal clear water ideal for a nice refreshing splash - we were unsure about the actual water quality so did not drink it. We took the centre main track which takes you round the opposite side of the valley from where you started - pass a track on your left and continue until you come to a T junction where you turn right and follow the track until you arrive at the Moni Ag Panteleimon. From here simply follow the track back down to Mikros Prinos and perhaps have a beer in the Taverna located under the trees.

A drive and tour out to Maries on Thassos Island.

Maries is reached by leaving the coast road at Skala Maries and makes for an enjoyable drive as you pass through olive groves, pine, walnut and plane trees - the road follows a rocky stream for much of the way as well as passing two interesting churches (one of which has picnic tables alongside the road from where you can see the river/stream, a very pleasant spot.)
Maries - Thassos Maries Town, Thassos Island, Greece. You need to be aware of the many goats on the road, some of which seem to think running across the road in front of you at the last ,oment is a good idea.. As you enter Maries, take the road to your right and you will find parking spaces near the taverna. You can continue on the dirt track right into the valley - since we both walked and (another time) drove along this track it's worth mentioning that there are quite a few views etc which you just cannot see and enjoy whilst driving, as well as the opportunity to chat to a goat herder and also perhaps a beekeeper.
The track follows a stream and after several kilometres you can see several small waterfalls and then eventually an artificial lake - all of which are worth exploring.
Maries area in Thassos Maries Lake, Thassos Island, Greece. Maries area of Thassos Maries, Thassos Island, Greece.
Continuing onwards you come to a three way track junction - you can climb down to the stream here and also if you are fortunate can be invited up to the woodman's hut for a chat with him whilst you eat your do-nuts. This junction offers a start point for two walking opportunities - one to Kastro and the other a huge circular round the valley which includes towards it's end passing by one of the marble quarries which are fully operating in the area (as follows).

A circular walk on Thassos Island Greece starting at the junction by the woodman's hut.

With the hut on your right bear left following the track alongside the stream and after several hundred yards take the switchback turning to the left which heads up into the hills. Ignore a turning on your right - just keep on the main track and enjoy the ever expanding views as the hills appear and also eventually a birds-eye view of the lake. Continue on the main path, ignore the next turning on your left and continue on up to the saddle high above the valley. PANTELEIMOAS, Thassos Island, Greece. Maries marble quarry, Thassos Island, Greece. At the junction at the very top of the saddle turn right (straight on would take you to the Moni Ag Panteleimon), and keep following the track along the top of the ridge. You will pass a turning on your right after a while which if you wish can shorten the walk considerably since it takes you back down to the bottom track and back to the woodman's hut. Otherwise continue straight onwards until you reach an open area with a water tank on your left - take the right-hand turn (Maries was marked when we did this walk but...). The scenery now changes into heavy wooded countryside, with streambeds crossing your track every so often. Eventually you reach the marble quarry - keep on your track and ultimately you will arrive back at the woodman's hut.

A "there and back" Thassos walk to Kastro starting at the junction by the woodman's hut.

Kastro on Thassos Island, Greece. Kastro is well worth a visit but note the track - although driveable - is extremely rough in places especially on the top ridges and hence probably only suitable for 4-wheelers - but of course in our view mostly it's totally suitable for a very enjoyable walk. Passing the woodman's hut on your left take the track in front of you heading away from the stream, and climb up - stay on this track ignoring a track which soon goes off to your left. At the top you come upon a junction with tracks heading in all manner of directions, take the right hand track along the ridge which when we last walked there did signpost Kastro painted on an oil drum. As a matter of interest after several bends along this ridge you actually are officially on a mountain (by a few feet - but nevertheless..).
Kastro, Thassos, Greece. Kastro on Thassos Kastro - Thassos Island, Greece. rebuilding Kastro on Thassos, Greece
This track is quite vague since it's made up of heavy flat rock which at times is indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain - however simply keep going straight-ish) ahead until you reach a wooded area which has a junction, take the right fork which winds down hill to a T junction, here turn left and as you turn the bend here you will see Kastro marked. Follow this track but try and note a faint track coming in from the left (it's as your track bears right) - this faint track can be picked up on your return journey to cut the corner if you wish. Continue to the next T junction and turn left and walk on into Kastro. Kastro is an interesting village which is gradually being re-built since it was deserted due to it's isolation some years ago. There is a "taverna" near to the church - very reasonably priced too.
Return is either reverse of the way up or take the faint track mentioned previously - this is something of a guesswork exercise since faint tracks and paths come and go - but as long as you have a sense of direction it's a nice saunter which will eventually get you back to the top ridge. On your way back down the winding track if you are quiet and very lucky you might come across a dozing snake or two to look at - but being quiet is important since they soon clear off if they hear you.

Sotiras is well worth a visit - it has traditional houses, a pictureseque square with a fountain which was built in 1888; the village is purched on a pine-clad mountain slope. Whilst a lot of the houses are quite derelict, as with Kastro they are slowly being rebuilt and re-occupied.
Theologos village - Thassos

Taking a trip too and tour around Theologos on Thassos Island.

Theologos Village certainly should not be missed either whilst out touring around Thassos Island. However it can only really be explored properly if on foot - if you just drive through gazing at the fleeting view of the strange houses you may well go back home and wonder what you missed.
Park at the start of the village (just before the road narrows) and take a stroll on down the road into the village, taking side roads/alleys as you please, looking at all the houses being renovated, the way they are painted, the gardens and so on.

Theologos in Thassos Thassos Island, Greece - Theologos Theologos, Thassos, Greece. Theologos, Thassos Island, Greece.

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