Alonissos Greece - and a Tourkovighla to Patitiri Walk.

A nice walk on Alonissos going up to Tourkovighla then descending to Meghali Amos Beach, through olive groves to Aghi Anarghiri and then on to Patitiri.

This walk starts from the main road by cross tracks in the area between Pefko and Pagiri - this is on the Steni Vala bus route and the driver will happily stop here providing you point it out on the map. It takes you up to one of the accessible high points on the island - Tourkovighla - and then down to our favourite beach before enjoying the 90 minutes or so stroll back to Patitiri.
From the bus stop cross the road and take the dirt track opposite - this soon bends round and then heads up to a junction - turn right. Continue on this dirt road and when it splits take the track on the right and keep going on up until you reach another junction - take the rough track going sharply off on the right and follow it up until it ends in an area of walls and olive groves.
Alonissos - every upwards Alonissos - high views down Tourkovighia The path up to Tourkovighla is somewhat difficult to find since the area is very rocky and also has lots of goat paths. Start off by the wall on the left and then make your way up by criss crossing and selecting paths as you see them obviously always aiming upwards. The top is identified by some large rocks with a circular trig point - this is at 349 metres. Apart from trees, goats and lots of rocks there is nothing else up here except of course really good views of both of the Island's coastlines. Return back down the same way (probably a faint hope of finding exactly the same way...) and on reaching the dirt road continue on back down again.
Ignore a track on the right (which is a dead end) by a sharp bend (except we did walk down this a little way and it is a nice pretty track to walk if you fancy it) and then take the next track on the right - this is a grassy track which goes down through olive groves and then becomes a very narrow path into the woods. The path bottoms out in a gorge on a dry river bed - cross over this and then head left downwards through the gorge - there are loads of butterflies around here and also quite heavy but low undergrowth and soon in front of you appears a very high rock face - the onward path bears right to go between the hills.
Track Alonissos Alonissos Greece and a view from Toukovighia. Alonissos - flat walking track for once Alonissos
The path is not too clear in places - there are lots of olive trees and small walls and you have to wind your way between them until you come to a gate. Go through the gate and the path soon becomes quite slippery and difficult underfoot because of the small stones and rocks - this lasts for a few 100 metres until the path comes out on a dirt road.
Turn left and follow the dirt road to a junction, then turn right onto a smaller road and then left at the next junction - which is marked Meghali Amos. Follow the road until it ends near a house on your right - make your way round the left side and then behind the house. (red blob marks) (this part may well change by the house since it was still being built/renovated). The path continues down through shrubs and quite soon arrives at Meghali Amos beach. Just away from the beach and with the sea behind you take a marked path going off to the right heading along the coast - soon passing a tiny un-named beach and then reaches a small dirt road. Turn left and then on the bend take a path on the right going up through olive groves now with views of Toukoneri Bay - the path continues along and above the shoreline and comes out on another dirt road.
Alonissos butterfly Alonissos Greece- Tourkoneri coastal area. Beautiful Tourkoneri on Alonissos Greece Aghia Anarghiri - Alonissos, Greece.
Turn right and follow the dirt road steeply up and as it bends left take a path going straight on through the woods to later emerge back on the dirt road. Ignore a track on the right and continue straight on soon passing a concrete spring the dirt road winds up and round - look out for a more open wooded area on the right with a signpost to Ag. Anarghiri - take this path through the trees and then olive groves and then on into the woods. When you reach the cliff top turn right (but first go down to look at the two churches)and continue along the coastal path to emerge on a dirt road by a house. Follow this until it eventually reaches a tarmac road, go almost straight on uphill to a junction, turn right and follow this round to pick up the main road, turn right again and follow this back into Patitiri.
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