An Alonissos Greece Beach Walk.

This walk on Alonissos Island is one way and goes from Steni Vala to Patitiri - visiting Aghios Beach, Lefto Ghialos Beach on the way.

Quite honestly we did not find Steni Vala itself that exceptional, in fact it's simply a frontage along the very small harbour with just a few fishing boats and some yachts moored nearbye. There are several tavernas and a supermarket which are basically there to service the yacht flotillas and the day trippers coming there more or less because of the bus ride from Patitiri.
However as a start point for a very enjoyable walk back to Patitiri then Steni Vala's existence is certainly justified.
Steni Vala, Alonissos Island, Greece. Aghios Petros, Alonissos Island, Greece. The walk starts from the harbour - facing the boats go right to the end of the quay and then continue on round passing the beach on a paved path, the walk is marked here as Walk 10.
The path climbs easily out of the harbour and then along the coast - there are good views of Steni Vala from here. The path converts to more of a dirt path just before it reaches the very picturesque beach at Aghios Petros.
Continue along across the beach and near the far end take a soon narrow path, lookout for and take an even more narrow path on the right a little way along which heads up quite steeply inland to reach a dirt track. Turn right and when you reach a T-junction turn left - follow this for a few metres.
Aghios Petros Bay, Alonissos Island, Greece. Moni walking Path on Alonissos Greece Isomata, Alonissos Island, Greece. Alonissos hiking path, Alonissos Island, Greece.
Look out for a yellow 10 path marker on the right - take this path which it climbs and winds quite steeply up into the hills - this is a well marked path. The path eventually levels out somewhat on a more open area and then reaches another dirt track - turn right and on reaching the main dirt road turn left. Continue on this main track as it goes through a small village - the area is called Isomata. After about half a kilometre and on a left bend [N39°10'47" E023°54'28"] look out for a blue sign marked Lefto Ghialos on the right - take the path down and soon bear left on rough ground - there is a yellow number 9 marker here. The path goes through olive groves and then winds very very steeply down - quite slippery in places - to emerge on a concrete track near a large house. Continue on down to the main road and turn left to walk on down to the lovely beach at Lefto Ghialos (Leftos Gialos).
The beautiful beach at Leftos Gialos, Alonissos This is a really nice (but hot) pebbly beach and has two tavernas - the taverna on the beach front is quite spacious and is packed with tubs of flowers etc. - really picturesque. This beach is on the water taxi route and also is a stopping off place for various boat trips. To continue the walk, go back up the road but this time simply stay on it as it winds and climbs up to eventually reach the main tarmac road - you get good views of the coast on the way as well as views of the beaches of Tzortzi Ghialos and Kokinokastro quite a long way below. On reaching the main road turn right and follow it uphill for just under a kilometre - just after some olive trees take a track on the left which then switches back parallel to the main road.
Leftos Gialos on Alonissos Island. Tzortzi Ghialos, Alonissos Island, Greece. Kokinokastro, Alonissos Island, Greece. Overlooking Patitiri harbour, Alonissos - Greece.
Continue on this very nice track for several kilometres - passing four tracks going off to the right - the track brings you to and through the area called Raches. When the track turns very sharply left you can cut the corner by going down through the woods and through the goat farm to rejoin the track at the bottom, turn right and then continue along the track which soon becomes tarmac. Carry on along the road, ignoring a road to the Academy of Homeopathy on the left, and keep going to finally reach the main road near Votsi. Turn right and follow the main road back into Patitiri.
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