Alonissos Island Greece - Gheladhias to Patitiri Walk.

A 14km walk from Gheladhias via Meghalo Chorafi and Meghali Amos Beach to Patitiri on Alonissos.

This long Alonissos walk starts from the main road about three quarters up the island in the Gheladhias area - we took a taxi ride from Patitiri which at the time cost 12 Euros (started at 15 for some reason so always remember to negotiate and fix a rate before taking a taxi ride). Also and maybe surprisingly our taxi driver was not too certain where we wanted to go to even though we showed him it on the Topo map. Basically continue on the main road past the Steni Vala turn for 2.9kms - the drop off point is the second dirt road on the left on a very sharp bend.
Alonissos Greece and a rough track in the Gheladhias area of the Island. Alonissos Greek Goat party near Gheladhias. Alonissos Greece and wide dirt road. Greek Island of Alonissos - Psili Rachia Farm.
Start off on this wide dirt road and follow it along across the island towards Psili Rachi - the area is quite rocky but has plenty of low foliage and you get the impression of being on the top of the island. You also are quite likely to come across some of the inhabitants up here - namely Greek goats - one herd which passed us must have numbered well over a hundred. The track drops down gently - ignore a track going off to the left - to finally reach a junction at about 2.6kms where you will find an old threshing circle. (The track on the right from here takes you the short distance along to the church at Aghios Konstantinos - well worth a diversion if you have not already walked path 13). Take the marked path on the left (yellow 6) - this path stays high as it makes it's way down the island and is very well marked with yellow 6's and red dots. After about half a kilometre and by a farm building and fence the path goes slightly left to cross a small dirt track and then continues on down island. The path passes through a threshing circle as well as very open country which in places still had the appearance of old marked out fields - also from this high path you get views of distant Chora, Kalovoulos and in the distance Skopelos Island. The path eventually comes out on a dirt track - continue along this track now in the Meghalo Chorafi area - soon the track bends sharply and here take the second path on the right which is clearly marked path 8.
Alonissos red path Alonissos - crooked signs This path goes into woods and is quite rocky underfoot in places - also there may be trees down from the winter storms and this makes it awkward to go through in places. However the aim is to stay in the ravine going in the same direction downwards following in what becomes a dry river bed. There are red blob markers in various places which helps. In particular in one very overgrown area you need to keep to the right hand side and also further down the path splits. Make sure you keep to the right i.e. straight on since the left path takes you out of the ravine. There are loads of butterflies around here and also quite heavy but low undergrowth and in front of you appears a very high rock face - but don't panic - you do not need to climb over it.
rock strewn walking path on Alonissos. Alonissos wide stoney path up at Gheladhias. Alonissos - great views in the hills Alonissos trees and hills looking excellent for walking through.
Instead and luckily the path bears right to go between the hills. Here the path is not terribly evident - there are lots of olive trees and small walls and you have to wind your way between them until you come to a gate. Go through the gate and the path changes underfoot to small stone scree which is quite difficult to walk on - this lasts for a few 100 metres until the path comes out on a dirt road. Turn left and follow the dirt road until you reach a junction, go right and carry on to the next junction where you go right again - the dirt road climbs slightly and comes out by houses - then on the left is a signpost and path marker no 5. Take this path to go down sometimes quite steeply to reach the beach at Meghali Amos - this was our favourite beach to go to - no shade, no facilities, very hot, white pebbles and clear sea-water (and usually at most a couple of people on it - magic). Needless to say because of how isolated and empty this Alonissos beach is then stripping off and having a nice relaxing swim and sunbathe was a must for us.
Alonissos - enclosed path Meghali Amos- naturist usually - Beach on Alonissos
From behind the beach the path continues along the coast - marked with red dots - passing a tiny un-named beach and then reaches a small dirt road. Turn left and then on the bend take a path on the right going up through olive groves - this path continues along and above the shoreline and comes out on another dirt road. Turn right and follow the dirt road steeply up and as it bends left take a path going straight on through the woods to later emerge back on the dirt road. Ignore the track on the right and continue straight on soon passing a concrete spring (the water in it is total crap by the way). The dirt road winds up and around - look out for a more open wooded area on the right with a signpost to Ag. Anarghiri.
Alonissos Greece and the beautiful Meghali Amos Beach. woodland path leaving Meghali Amos on Alonissos Island. Alonissos - Olive Trees near Tourkoneri Bay, Greece. collecting pine sap Alonissos
Take this path through the trees and then olive groves - keep a lookout for a narrow path on the left which goes steeply down to a house (you can see the roof) (and you may see a snake here too if you are lucky). On reaching a dirt road go left and follow this until it eventually reaches a tarmac road. Go almost straight on uphill to a junction, turn right and follow this round to pick up the main road, turn right again and follow this road back into Patitiri.
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