Corfu Town and Harbour - Greece

The Greek Island of Corfu.

Corfu Town and Corfu Harbour Photographs.

The Greek Holiday Island of Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and at one point is only separated from the brooding Albanian Coast by a mile wide narrow sea-channel - on the Island's Southeast side lie the tiny Greek Islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. Corfu has a coastline of approximately 135 miles - is around 40 miles long and at it's widest is around 20 miles across - giving an area of around 228 square miles.
The Island is the second largest of the Ionian Greek Island chain (Kefalonia is the largest) and the seventh largest of Greece's millions (well almost millions - there are a lot of them...) of islands.
Corfu Castle The castle at Corfu Town - Greece Corfu Old Town Corfu Town photo
Corfu is one of the greenest and most luxuriant of the Greek Islands and one of the most popular too with well over one million visitors every year. Only approximately three hours flight time from England and hugely popular in the 1970s, parts of Corfu suffered the worst effects of rampant tourism - from cut price hotel development to villages overrun by drunken louts.
Fortunately, of the island's 200 km coastline only the stretches 20 km north and south of Corfu Town have been badly blighted by concrete and neon. The rest of Corfu Island has no shortage of downmarket resorts such as Sidari and Kavos but they are largely isolated and much remains relatively untouched.
Harbour - Corfu Corfu harbour photo Corfu Corfu
Old Town - Corfu Sleepy villages can still be found nestled in small sandy coves in the north east of Corfu while development in the north west remains notably low key despite the area containing some of the Island's most attractive beaches. The south west is wild and beautiful with long stretches of sand and no resorts of any kind. Peaceful hidden villages lie in the hilly, densely vegetated interior and seem to be completely untouched by the tourist boom.
Away from the coast, walkers can enjoy rolling hillsides and extensive olive groves, dense woods and an extraordinary range of wild flowers. Age old mule paths and little walked dirt tracks can be found over much of Corfu - from the gentle southern hills to the more mountainous north. The recently opened Corfu Trail is a long distance footpath that runs the 220 km length of the Island.

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